Missing my puppies already

Yea this is my front yard. #maine #bejealous #home

My 13 year old self wrote this down. I think he knew that I would find it someday. Just when I needed it. #tbt #home

When I see this sign, I know I’m home. #llbean #home #maine #rain (at L.L.Bean)

Home in 7 days.

One week until I leave California for good. One week until I return to the greatest state in the Union; Maine. One week until I see my parents. One week until I say goodbye to a summer of learning and growing. One week until I take another step filled with happiness; not towards it. One week.

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My life.

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And this is where I get to go to school… jealous? Good, you should be.

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taken in Rockport, ME.

Just down the road from my hometown.

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Who wants to go home with me?

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the homeland.

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I love this city.

Maine welcomes me home with a snow storm…