Being forced to make my own Chubbies because I can’t afford a real pair. #firstworldproblems #maine #bored #pattern #chubbies

Yea this is my front yard. #maine #bejealous #home

When I see this sign, I know I’m home. #llbean #home #maine #rain (at L.L.Bean)

This is too funny. Love my home state.


The storm clouds rushed in and the downpour began, ruining the potato salad, the lemonade, and the picnic I’d packed. Instead of grabbing our stuff and running to the Subaru, Charles put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me in for a kiss. “It doesn’t matter what the weather is like when I’m with you,” he whispered.

Home in 7 days.

One week until I leave California for good. One week until I return to the greatest state in the Union; Maine. One week until I see my parents. One week until I say goodbye to a summer of learning and growing. One week until I take another step filled with happiness; not towards it. One week.

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My life.

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Resoled and ready to go.


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me and my best friend in my hometown

taken in Rockport, ME.

Just down the road from my hometown.

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Plaid, scruff, messy hair. It’s good to be a Mainer.

Who wants to go home with me?

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